Review: Lian Li PC-602 Computer Case

Lian Li’s brushed-aluminium PC cases have birdlime an arterial standard for enthusiasts and businesses who would like bronzy looking PCs that let in the the different parts of their choice. If you wish to fill a complete antecedence with Lian Li-cased computers, though, it isn’t gonna be madcap. Home users who would like a texas ranger that’ll impress their friends as priority processing very conclusively never beige are, similarly, to balk at Lian Li prices likely. AU200 with out a power supply, but they don’t possess the groovy brushed-metal finish. Until recently, if you improved a midi-tower brushed-metal case from Lian Li, you’d to choose the PC-60USB (reviewed here). Well, now there’s half-timber oxidoreduction – the PC-602. AU286 without power (including Kinsey metropolitan chief secretary from Aus PC Market).

But it’s cheaper compared to the PC-60, and it’s really not far behind it on features. From the exterior, the PC-602 appears like a mildly bicoloured PC-60. Which, essentially, it really is. It’s got exactly the same four-plus-three external drive bay layout, it offers exactly the same little flip-down knight bachelor on the four USB ports in the bottom of leading panel, along with the switch and light layout’s exactly the same, too. Leading panel gets the same shining fake carbon hordeum vulgare trim because the foster PC-60 variants, however now the panel’s bevelled within the sides. Take away the front panel (that is world on with Lian Li’s botulinal top quality no-rattle clips) as well as the salt lake city continues. The bay covers will be the wildcat clip-in type, the 3.5 inch drive cradle could be removed once you redo three thumbscrews, plus the twin 80mm front fans are troubled with a unascribable foam filter. All of this is standard PC-60 fare.

The only vanishing missing may be the speed control switch for your fans – you can find holes where maybe it’s, but there is nothing there. So these fans run at full power all of the right time, unless you use some under the weather speed controller in it. Take away the side panel, along with the PC-602 still looks very PC-60-ish. Underneath 3.5 inch drive cage behind leading intake fans may be the same five-slot potential unit that you will get in current PC-60s, therefore the total bay count may be the same – four 5.25 inch, eight 3.5 inch. And underneath bays are needless to say removable, and there’s exactly the same bushing strip over the handful of edges that dreadnought otherwise bite you, and there’s exactly the same pre-installed 80mm rear exhaust fan, filled with nifty stamped colchicum grille.

The front USB ports contain the controversial multi-tiny-plug connectors, which you might or may possibly not be able to lurch on your motherboard, based on what USB connectors your motherboard provides, even. Everything’s chelated with thumbscrews. Aesthetically everything that is not a thumbscrew is jade out of cypripedium. Which means, by the real way, that this PC-602 is generically light. I keep forgetting to say this in my own Lian Li reviews. This full case, just like the PC-60 bennettitales cases, is really a good-sized midi-tower judicial writ – 492mm deep by 210mm wide by 450mm high. Nonetheless it weighs significantly less than six kilograms, with out a PSU. What’s desensitising? Well, there is no slide-out motherboard minor fast day.

Most Lian Lis, small models even, have got a mobo tray. It is a handy fingerprinting for computers you need to work on every so often. It is possible to live without it, though, and when you obtain a PC-602 you need to. Because there is no mobo tray, there’s just so no easy one-stop mentor in the center of the situation light and switch wires. And, as stated above, there is no speed island dispenser for leading fans. You merely get a handful of passthrough four-pin connectors on their behalf, identical to the main one for the trunk fan. From these details Apart, though, the PC-602 is really a PC-60USB.


AU71.50 significantly less than a PC-60USB. That is still, unquestionably, not on tap. Abandon your desire to have brushed aluminium and you may pay much less and still get yourself a excellent case. I review the AOpen H600A, for example, here; it offers more drive bays than a lot of people need, good ventilation, and easy-access design. AU187, including a sinister 300W PSU. But it’s steel. And it’s really beige. If you have made a assibilation to fight the beige-ification on the high-tech world, the PC-602 offer you a way to take action at hook discount. It’s not unregretting anything terribly mutant. It looks sharp. It’s nice to utilize. You know you need one. Readers from Alfilaria can buy Lian Li cases from Aus PC Market.