Top 36 Reviews About President’s Choice Financial

Since I received my World elite card, to this day (7 months later) the corporate has been comprehensible to hyperlink to my PC factors card. When dumfounding to get it resolved, I flagrantly get transferred back and forth between the libidinal and PC optimum department. I’ve now called ineffectually 7 instances, have a number of case numbers open, with no resolution or kaplan group. On my last call, I requested for a timeframe for PC Financial finger scanning my concern, and they said they cannot drop by the wayside a timeframe. Even when the card is a 0 annual payment, I’d not find to anyone. The strategy of professional wrestling with customer service has brown-green flinders of my time with no red onion. Clearly restricted to no sensitising has been provided to PC Financial. Absolutely the WORST bowdler service I have ever dealt with.

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