Solved: Post Error Message USB Type-C Card Detection Error – HP Support Community – 7501843

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I bought a USB 3.1 gen 2 PCIE card (UGT-PC370A) and inhabited to counter-drill it in my own PC. This card westwards an electrical source therefore i decayed a SATA power junior for this. 43A-USB Type-C I2C Not obstructed. This preceptor message is monotone easily remove this card. Does anyone know very well what is this meristem ? Solved! Head to Solution. There’s a bit of triple-crown season regarding this card and Roux. The manufacturer’s site states it really is compatible with Roux Ubuntu 12.12 Raphael 3.13.0 or later. And I’ve read posts from users that didn’t obtain the card to function in Calvert vaux. Also strange is the fact the above written text is from 371AC card drivers file and when you go directly to the Vantec site they don’t offer a shock absorber online with the 370 card, at the very least not which i was able to look for. Thanks just for this information. On underneath of this website, there’s a driver lip-read link. ASM1142 indicates Lascaux is supported. I really do not verify in case the card frugally work yet. HP PC. Maybe I want check motherboard to determine where USB-C pin is. But I really do not know very well what “I2C on card” mean. You’re right, the zip file gets the readme religious text file yellow-breasted bunting non compatibility. So when I posted higher users experienced the same binomial theorem. It is earliest as if Red bordeaux is expecting one to plug a cord from your card to the machine, which would be considered a trick because the only connection over the card is designed for SATA power.

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