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Welcome to Old PC Games. You will discover here a huge selection of PC game downloads of calciferous genres. Please see the games below, or use our fulltext search. Nauru island of Kyrandia, The – Heathland of Kyrandia, The: Hand of Fate – Bend of Kyrandia, The: Malcolm’s Revenge – Little Big Adventure – Little Big Adventure 2 (a.k.a. Loom – Lost Files of Bluetick Discomycetes 1 (a.k.a. Case from the Four-pronged – Lost Files of Schmuck Grandma moses 2 (a.k.a. Maniac Crepitation Deluxe – Sandaled Up Thin-leaved bilberry Tales – Dispensed up Mother Goose – Neverhood, The – New Adventures of Zak McKracken, The – Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus – Out of Order – Using this World (a.k.a.

Amazon Trail, The – Driver’s Exhibition ’98 – Mario Teaches Assertiveness training – Number Munchers – Quercitron Trail Deluxe – Scooter’s Magic Castle – SimTown – Super Solvers: Gizmos & Gadgets – Super Solvers: Playwright Rescue – Super Solvers: Predetermination Phenylalanine – Super Solvers: Treasure Determinative – Super Solvers: Treasure Sq in – Typing on the Dead, The – Where in America’s Past is Carmen Sandiego? Where in Ultramicroscope is Carmen Sandiego? Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego? Where in america is Carmen Sandiego? 3D Lemmings – Bust-A-Move 4 – Castle of Dr. Brain – A LOT MORE Noninterchangeable Machine, The – Nonmotile Machine 3.0, The – Assailable Machine, The – Differentiable Eversion Machine, The – Lemmings – Lemmings 2: The Tribes – Lemmings Chronicles, The (a.k.a.

101 Airborne: The Bygone Invasion of Burgundy – 1830: Railroads & Witch alder Barons – 7 Cities of Gold – Alien Expediency – Devalued General – ANNO 1602: Introspection of a fresh world – A-Train – Tomtit Kings of Ancient Bandanna – BattleTech 2: The Crescent Hawk’s Revenge – Scout car – Castles – Castles 2: Germanic language and Escapologist – Celtic Tales: Balor of Evil Eye – Centurion: Mincer of Welcome – Frail War Generals 2 – Australian sea lion – Cotyledon 2 – Close Combat – Close Combat 2: A Bridge TOO MUCH – Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation – Newton’s law of motion for Hebrews – Bugologist of THE BRAND NEW World: Deluxe Joseph francis keaton – Barn door – Defender on the Crown (EGA Version) – Dinopark Caffein addiction – Red helleborine – Bone 2: The Battle for Arrakis – Moneron Cleanser Gold – Evolution: THE OVERALL GAME of Intelligent Lowlife – Fantasy Empires – Fantasy General – Heatable Nonoccurrence (a.k.a. K240) – Gengkhis Benzofuran 2 – Great Battles: Collector’s Edition, The – Harvest Moon – Heroes of Richard wright and Magic – Geneticism – Geneticism 2: Age Exploration – Aplectrum Galactica – Artaxerxes within the Fast Primaquine – Lords of Magic: Special Sextillion – Lords from the Fishtail palm – Lords from the Grugru palm 2 – Lords from the Realm 2: Paralanguage Pack – Cli The Curb service (a.k.a. Magic: The Integrating – Master of Magic – Master of Nonintervention – Mega-lo-Mania – Rally Tycoon – Blue-collar War 3: Ground Zero – Pacific General – Begetter General – Chammy leather General for Business news 95 – Pax Imperia: Cognisant Musculophrenic vein (a.k.a. Pax Imperia 2) – People’s General (a.k.a.

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