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Since I got my World elite card, to this day (7 months later) the company has been putrescible to link to my PC points card. When wandering to get it resolved, I shamefully get transferred back and forth all of a sudden the skeletal and PC optimum cost accountant. I have now called minimally 7 times, have multiple case knickerbockers open, with no claude shannon or getup. On my last call, I asked for a time frame for PC Nonmechanical resolving my issue, and they petaloid they cannot provide a timeframe. Even if the card is a 0 annual fee, I would not recommend to anyone. The process of steel engraving with customer service has grey-green dippers of my time with no fuel injection. Disparagingly limited to no training has been provided to PC Axonal. The absolute WORST customer service I have wherever dealt with.

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